Oeno-File, the Wine & Gastronomy Column

by Frank Ward

Wine & Health

Posted by Frank Ward on December 15, 2014

AvatarDecember 2014. When President John F. Kennedy once received a whole party of Nobel prize-winners in the Oval Office he told them that their presence represented the biggest concentration of human intellect in that building since President Thomas Jefferson had sat there alone during his own presidency, 1801-1809. Jefferson certainly was an exceptional man: lawyer, statesman, architect, oenophile, scholar, and all-round man of the enlightenment. [….]

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One Response to “Wine & Health”

  1. John Statham said

    Our dear politician touched a tender spot there. A good healthy comment was what was required. Start a Twitter account and post the comment there under a suitable title. Why not on Facebook too. Spread the word to the needy.

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