Oeno-File, the Wine & Gastronomy Column

by Frank Ward

A Tasting at Tasca d’Almerita – Sicilian Wine Pioneer

Posted by Frank Ward on June 12, 2015

AvatarJune 2015. I first tasted a wine from the Sicilian estate Tasca d’Almerita some years ago at the Lo Scuderio restaurant in the centre of Palermo. It was by accident, or at least happenchance. This is how it came about. We’d booked for lunch on the last day of our stay on the island, arriving at the restaurant at about 13.30. “Our flight home isn’t until this evening,” I told the manager. “So we have several hours to pass. And we don’t want to get out to the airport too soon. We’d love to spend as much as possible of the intervening time at your excellent restaurant.” [….]

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